Artist’s statement

In (large) drawings, photos, paintings and installations I explore the relations between model, sensuality, representation, expression and myself as an artist.

I create drawings, photos, paintings of female nudes, almost exclusively.
Expressing my feelings and ideas about the nude in my art I create drawings from life and occasionally paintings in oils. For a long time I used two styles: figurative and ‘realistic’ using shading when drawing a posing model, and intuitive/expressive line-art when working with a moving model. These two approaches have merged in large, life-size drawings combining drawn body parts (these drawings can be over 3m wide).
Some aspects can only be captured and/or expressed in photos (or they can be expressed faster). I shoot photos or combine it with life drawing.

My works are created in my studio during private sessions with inspiring and open minded models. I like using Conté a Paris and compressed charcoal for drawing.
When drawing I like the pose to be as short as possible, a time constraint is beneficial for spontaneity, expression and it helps concentration and flow. Two minutes per pose makes it impossible to draw the whole figure, I can just finish an arm for example. I keep drawing the next pose, only able to draw a leg for example, preferably connected to the previous arm and the next drawing etc. so the final result will be combined parts.
I try to put thinking on hold while I’m drawing and experiencing the situation.
It’s not so much about the resulting drawing, it’s about capturing the moment of intimate creativity, cocreation and rapture. That’s why I often ask models to participate in finishing the artwork, by coloring and/or printing body paint etc.
In photography I’m experimenting with ways of capturing sensuality, fragility and joy, trying to do so in a way which is new to me.